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Discover new travel ideas and get personalised flight deals

Discover new travel destinations and get free personalised flight alerts.

Give me an idea of what you like - and I’ll do the rest. It all starts with a simple conversation on Facebook Messenger.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks for the feedback! Just a quick note, whilst anybody can use the chat bot to discover new travel destinations, the cheap flight alerts are currently only available for flights departing the UK. We will be expanding soon.
@ticking_box this is great! I'll definitly try it on my next trip. We also launched a travel-related product on PH today. too. it's: WTF should I do in? and it does what it says. :)

Great product


No need to download new apps! Very personalised.


Mainly focused on uk

Great product, highly personalised. Likes cheap flight newsletters but much much better.
Nice way to find a holiday without getting lost on the internet!

Add your travel preferences and sit back. A must for any savvy traveller.


Highly personalised and dynamic content.


UK only (for now)