The Tony Robbins Podcast - Tom Bilyeu, CEO of Quest Nutrition

Tom Bilyeu talks about growth, values, startups, and passion

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Bryan LandersHunter@bryanlanders · Design Principal, Backstage Capital
The great motivator @tonyrobbins, who has appeared on Product Hunt Live ( and on Maker Stories with @eriktorenberg (, announced on Twitter ( yesterday that he's launched this new podcast. Only slightly disappointingly, Tony has passed the majority of each episode's hosting duties to a co-host (her name is hard to catch in the credits...Annie Yorg? Anna York?) and he only appears for the first ~1:30mins. However, if this episode is any indication, they'll be good listens for startup and tech fans. For podcast geeks, TR posted 2 episodes March 30, 2016. The first consists primarily of an intro and clips from what I'm guessing is a live Business Mastery event, the second is what seems to be the standard show format with interviews. Another episode March 31, and then April 3. This publishing schedule definitely meets the best practice advice to frequently post episodes within the first 8 weeks to get featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy podcasts. With 19 iTunes ratings and reviews, and considering marketing has been minimal, how much you want to bet this will end up featured on iTunes in the next couple of weeks? 😄 This episode features an interview with Tom Bilyeu, Co-Founder/President of Quest Nutrition. They've seen incredible growth, and though the company looks more like a big organization from the outside, Tom shares how they think of it more like a startup on the inside. As the host of a new podcast about the mission and values of startups, my personal favorite parts are when Tom discusses their 25 bullet points that make up their core values, and, yes, toward the end they even discuss Quest's mission! "Human potential is nearly limitless and you can achieve anything you set your mind to." [4:58] Tom’s journey [6:40] The founding principles of Quest [11:25] Tony’s 3 archetypes (artist, manager, entrepreneur) [13:05] The 3 archetypes in Quest leadership [14:30] Marketing & innovation at Quest [17:00] Using social media to reach a global audience [19:01] Quest’s core values [22:20] How Quest hires [25:40] Scaling the culture [28:35] 2MM shifts [32:00] Improvement officers [33:10] Gaining the edge in sales [37:00] Quest’s mission [39:45] Identifying your passion Show notes here: Enjoy!