The Tim Ferriss Show - with Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca on Shark Tank, building your business & mistakes

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Golden Kitty Award winner, @sacca, joins @tferriss' show to answer questions. Planning to listen to this later (added to my Podcast Playlist collection). Btw, here's Chris' LIVE Chat from a few months ago.
I was a bit worried when I realized it was @sacca answering questions without @tferriss, but turns out I didn't need to be concerned about that. @sacca had very interesting answers that delved deep into many topics. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and highly recommend!
Thanks for buying the new equipment DJ @sacca and answering all the questions! And a big thanks to @tferriss for organising and putting it out there. Oh, and the 'Tim this is God' bit was classic.
Great stuff from DJ @sacca. Better than the other self-run podcasts on Tim's show. Answered and expanded on a lot questions. Hoping the panel interview of @tferriss happens soon.
Great stuff @sacca & @tferris. Really enjoyed this episode.