The Tim Ferriss Show - with Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca on Shark Tank, building your business & mistakes

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Golden Kitty Award winner, @sacca, joins @tferriss' show to answer questions. Planning to listen to this later (added to my Podcast Playlist collection). Btw, here's Chris' LIVE Chat from a few months ago.
Tyler Swartz
product at reddit and maker of things
I was a bit worried when I realized it was @sacca answering questions without @tferriss, but turns out I didn't need to be concerned about that. @sacca had very interesting answers that delved deep into many topics. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and highly recommend!
Peter InceFreelance Front-End Engineer
Thanks for buying the new equipment DJ @sacca and answering all the questions! And a big thanks to @tferriss for organising and putting it out there. Oh, and the 'Tim this is God' bit was classic.
August NobleDigital Marketer / Maker
Great stuff from DJ @sacca. Better than the other self-run podcasts on Tim's show. Answered and expanded on a lot questions. Hoping the panel interview of @tferriss happens soon.
Isaac LienCo-founder at GrandPad Inc.
Great stuff @sacca & @tferris. Really enjoyed this episode.
Mario SundarStartup advisor, early LinkedIn
I did miss @tferriss' interviewing but patience bears fruit. @sacca got to some very interesting questions. Well worth the listen.
Mohsen KhalkhaliInvestor @ GEX VC
@sacca @tferriss great podcast. Particularly enjoyed @sacca recommendations for a rich experience and how that is missing in many successful cohorts of society
Steph GarrettFounder, Product,
@sacca @tferriss helpful episode! Most solid advice "Wigs Change Everything"
Of all the podcasts, one of my very favorites is @sacca...but not for the reason that many may think! Yes, his answers are on point and gut-level real on all things 'entrepreneur' ..but one of THEE best clips is his imitation of the voice of God interviewing Tim Ferriss, as he outlines possible relationship barriers for keeping his own blood and urine in fridge! If you missed this, download it for this sound byte and get ready to LOL!