The Tim Ferriss Show - The Person I Call Most for Startup Advice

AngelList CEO Naval Ravikant on life, business and everythi…

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Amir Moin
Amir MoinHunter@amiranywhere · Product Manager @SmokescreenTech
Huge huge fan of the @tferriss show and an equal fan of what @naval is doing with @AngelList. I haven't listened to all the episodes of the Tim Ferris Show but out of the ones I have, this is hands down the best episode. There's tons of wisdom in almost every statement coming from @naval. In fact it will take some time to absorb all the knowledge that's there in this episode. I keep going back to it every now and then.
Adam Pittenger
Adam Pittenger@apitt24 · Founder @movedapp
@amiranywhere Couldn't agree more with this.
Tara McNulty
Tara McNulty@mcnulty_tara · @mcnulty_tara