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Hyperlocal news site written by student journalists

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Hi - I'm an investor in the Tab so treat everything with bias! The focus vs college newspapers is 1) To give student journalists up-to-date tools, more inline with writing on medium than on parchment 2) To create cross-college communities of journalists, to learn both through data and discussion about what works on different campuses & what is interesting nationally and 3) To give students something more relevant to read that is focussed on them, rather than as is often the case controlled by college oversight. And they definitely found some logo inspiration from the Sun!
These guys just raised $3mil and seem to have an interesting niche that they're targeting with their content. They're writing about stuff that I haven't seen covered elsewhere. Description: "The Tab is a bit like your student paper - except better. They cover the news students care about, in a style they actually want to read." According to the Guardian they were doing 1.3 million users/month as of 18 months ago. It would be interesting to know what their traffic is like now.
@_jacksmith According to the TC article "mainly by word of mouth and social media channels like Snapchat that are already used by its target demographic — picked up some three million monthly unique visitors and over 90% penetration at 32 universities."
A fresh perspective on current topics. Pretty cool site. Students writing about things student-related. I like that it's not just humorous articles either. Some actual useful looking ones :)
@bentossell just checked it out and i was thinking that too. a varied range of topics could make for an interesting reading experience, particularly if it's focused on the student demographic and/or age-range. student-to-student storytelling can be a powerful selling point​, so i'd be curious to see how this rolls out in the near future.
I *really* like the logo!
@cenk it kind of looks like a number of other newspaper logos though. Especially "The Sun" in England:
@_jacksmith @cenk haha definitely meant to look like The Sun ;)
I like the concept but I'm not sure how they compete with college newspapers as it seems like they are trying to create content local to each college/university