The State of Women in Tech 2018

A simple, animated infographic addressing diversity in tech

This is an animated infographic that shows relevant data about the status of women in tech for 2018. The stats are gathered from different sources, addressing 6 main pillars:

Education πŸ“š

Workplace 🏒

Earning πŸ’°

Leadership πŸ’ͺ

Top Barriers β›”

Global Initiatives πŸ”§

The infographic is embeddable and you can place it on your web page as well.

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Hi PH community!🀘 Did you know that nearly 40% of women who earn engineering degrees quit or never enter the industry?
 Or that with this rate of progress, it will take until 2133 to close the gender gap? To help recognize women capabilities in the tech sector and address the gender gap, we celebrate the International Women's Day by sharing this animated infographic with the community. The infographic is based on 6 important pillars: EducationπŸ“šβ€¨ Workplace πŸ’β€¨ Earning πŸ’°β€¨ Leadership πŸ’ͺ
 Top Barriers ⛔
 Global Initiatives πŸ”§ All tech companies, developers, industry leaders, professors, or investors should consider these numbers while recruiting, building projects, giving lectures or investments. We built it collaboratively, so we really want to hear your feedback. There is something more.😎 We’ve put an embedded code at the end of the page, so you can put it on your website as well. Thank you! We hope you will like it!
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The fact that this product came out on International Women's Day and has 57 upvotes and no comments says a lot about the state of women in tech, unfortunately πŸ˜”. Love the site, visualizations, and vision behind the project. Thanks for making and for the embedded code!
@jeff_osborn what do you think it says? why do you think your reasons are the accurate reasons?
@balupton I think it says there are fewer women in tech than there should be and many of the men in tech who say they care about getting more women in tech stop their efforts right there. There's been lots of progress, still a ways to go. Product Hunt is not a barometer of the entire tech sector, I just would've expected more interest/support on something like this, especially today.
Thanks for raising a very important point @jeff_osborn - at Product Hunt and tech in general we have lots more work to do to get more women involved πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’»πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»that work, as you say, requires action by everyone to encourage and uplift women, not just saying we will. Thanks for saying it πŸ™‚
@jeff_osborn One of the many actions I'm taking is building relationships with communities of women in tech and female founders and educating them about how Product Hunt works and how it could raise awareness of their projects. If know any female makers who haven't yet launched in our community, I'd be happy to chat to them and answer any questions, my Twitter DMs are open @abadesi πŸ™‚
@jeff_osborn @abadesi I can definitely confirm, Abadesi was super supportive from the beginning we contacted her. And generally speaking, I also think that as a community we should all do more to educate women to showcase their projects better.