The Startup Way

Eric Ries' new book on building a lean startup


Eric Ries
Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my new book. This is the fist time I'm offering it for pre-order, it comes out in October. I'm actually still working on the manuscript as I type this. You may not realize this but the ProductHunt community played a big role in helping my Kickstarter campaign that was the research platform for this book (we built a min… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Welcome back, @ericries! Dog fooding question... 😊 How have you used lean startup practices in the making of this book?
Tarun Gangwani
@tarungangwani · Co-founder, Product, grokstream.com
Eric Ries' Lean Startup is a seminal read for all people building great products/services. This book is based on five years of observation of companies of all sizes applying Lean Startup, including GE, Dropbox, and the Federal Government. Eric notes on his blog that those who preorders "will grant you access to The Leader's Guide community, an exclusive netw… See more
@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
I enjoyed his previous book! Anyone pre-read this one? Is it like an appendix with extra case studies?
Javid Jamae
@javidjamae · CEO Brass Tacks Ventures
Eric - congrats, this has been long awaited! I just posted about it on the Lean Startup Circle publication on Medium. Let me know if you're willing to do a guest blog post for the publication to talk about the book. I'd also be glad to set up a talk at one of the Lean Startup Circle meetups in San Francisco if you're up for it. You have my email. Thanks!