The Startup Checklist

25 steps to a scalable, high-growth business

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Since founding Gust over ten years ago, I have had a front row seat as hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have struggled through the challenges of starting up their businesses…which collectively have raised over a billion dollars in seed funding. As an angel investor who has seed funded over 100 companies, I’ve seen them up close, and as a startup founder (six of them, and counting) I’ve experienced those same challenges myself, learning different lessons each time. Along the way I’ve read dozens of great guides to entrepreneurship and the startup world, but it occurred to me that while very useful, none of them addressed the very specific steps needed to start a company. I therefore set out to put down in one book all of the nitty gritty details about how to actually start a startup that I’ve learned through painful trial and error. The result is The Startup Checklist: 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business, and I hope you find it useful!You can pre-order it today at
@davidsrose Love you on Quora! Will definitely check this out.
@davidsrose "Step 8 - Network Effectively within the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem" It's a struggle... no good thing comes the easy way I guess :) Regarding "...that I’ve learned through painful trial and error" - I learned that a very important aspect is to ALWAYS analyse ourselves and constantly improve ourselves. We must follow similar paths (as others before us) but that doesn't mean we need to make the same mistakes. Cool stuff! Stay awesome! --- Ciprian Irimies Founder
seems interesting..
Book sounds great. Am sure it will be hugely valuable. Do you have plans for a Kindle version, or is the hardback the only option?
@wheelerjustin Yep, the book will also be available in paperback + Kindle on the release date (April 25).
Looking forward to getting my #startupchecklist . @davidsrose is a gentleman and a #startup scholar.