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Oh man, also at around 20 mins in (and to the end), you talk about time constraints and discipline. WHAT A HUGE ISSUE. I definitely cross the line here far too often, and vacillate between treating my side business like I'm working a startup, or ignoring it altogether to focus on family. A more measured pace is necessary, and that takes real discipline. I'm guilty of forgoing sleep (which affects my day job performance, makes me short with family and friends, and so on) and sequestering myself away from loved ones—both bad habits for weeks on end—followed by weeks of repairing damaged family relationships and catching up on personal health and sleep patterns. #thestruggleisreal
@boaticus Dude, yes. I am heading into the "making amends" phase of that cycle. :) Yes, #thestruggleisreal
Very solid and practical advice. Is this a side-business for you?
Excellent episode, guys! I'm definitely guilty sometimes of being apologetic about my side businesses.