The Startup Chat 156: Scaling SaaS from 100 to 1000 customers

Hiten Shah & Steli Efti share a framework for growing SaaS


Vinay Hiremath
@vhmth · Founder & Head of Engineering @ Loom
Dope! Glad to see this launch Hiten. Now I get to hear your beautiful words of wisdom more than a couple times a month. Your input and direction with our team has been incredible up until now, so I'm sure there's going to be a lot of value in these podcasts.
Jonathan Miller
@fittech_insider · Entrepreneur focused on Fitness Tech
Great Channel - sage words, thanx Steli & Hiten!!!
George Vou
@george_vou · COO @ www.adjelly.com
Very cool - feeling like this will be timely advice as we'll be there in a few months..
Dave Gerhardt
@davegerhardt · Director of Marketing at Drift
Been waiting on this one! The 0-10 and 10-100 episodes have been my favorite episodes to date. Good stuff @hnshah and @steli.
Josh English
@joshenglish · Making Technlogy Work @ desirelist
Been listening to these guys since the beginning. They always provide great content.