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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 11, 2017
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Very StumbleUpon-like. It might be better to open these startup pages in a new tab so that it's easy to return to discover another one. There's also the iframe approach but that can be annoying. Thoughts, @ryanheybourn?
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@rrhoover @ryanheybourn Instead of opening in a new tab. I think it'd be better if you displayed the name of the startup and a short description, with a link to it - otherwise it might be a bit annoying to get it opened in a new tab if you aren't interested in the startup.
@rrhoover totally! I quickly hacked this together last night and was sure I'd forgotten to add some things. I'll do that as soon as I get on my laptop. Appreciate the feedback!
@rrhoover links now open in a new tab πŸ™Œ
Hey everyone! The hardest part of building a startup is promotion and getting your early users online. I struggled to find a good source of users from previous projects, so decided to build Startup Button provides entrepreneurs with a fun and engaging way to promote their startups to thousands of daily users. The premise is simple; one button, 20 new startups every week. Simply click go and be transported to a new and exciting startup every time. Every week, 20 new startups are reviewed and hand-picked from our submission pool by our team of curators. These are then connected to the button which once clicked, navigates to one of these startups at random. Think of it as the dynamic and useful version of The Useless Web.
@ryanheybourn Love it, I already submitted mine 🀞
@heynastudio glad to hear it!
@ryanheybourn Promotion is definitely something that we are needing pretty soon! It's awesome you made a simple solution to this need for entrepreneurs! πŸ™Œ
@ben_ingignieri thank you for your kind words! I look forward to seeing your submission in the future πŸ™Œ
@ben_ingignieri hey Ben! Any update on how soon you're looking at promoting?
This is brilliant!!!
This feels like the landing page for Were you inspired by them?
@yogert96 I hacked this together last night and found Monkey's colour scheme and basic design to be fitting for what I wanted. It's obviously pretty similar, but I've tried to remove whatever association I can. I don't condone doing it however, so I'll ship a new design as soon as I can.
@ryanheybourn If you want, I could build you a different one. DM me on twitter.
@yogert96 appreciate that, I'll be in touch.