The Stand Up

Stand Up and Join the Urination

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2014
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Smart product, terrific branding. Would love to see an innovative in-store display at gas stations, convenience stores, etc...
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@evanspiegel Agreed with this guy.
@evanspiegel Most already offer free paper funnels to their customers.
@evanspiegel would love to see my mom's reaction..
@iambarronroth @evanspiegel 'this guy' now happens to be CEO of Snapchat. That's insane.
LOL, gross. My favorite part: the "pee here" label:
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@rrhoover some peeple need instructions...
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Hey @rrhoover - we were just bein' goofy :)! It's ok...some boys don't quite get it. But we get it now...peeing standing up is FUN!
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@grosswmn you and @mwaxwell from Airpnp should partner. :)
@rrhoover ha yes but @grosswmn cancels out the need to use a bathroom! but really I wonder what the volume of of the container is compared to the typical female bladder. I would fill that up quickly :)
@mwaxwell Your product sounds awesome!! Glad more than one of us is bathroom minded. And no need to worry about filling it up--there's a big hole at the bottom that empties the liquid out quickly enough.
@grosswmn oh right I see now. well that's awesome.
@mwaxwell @mwaxwell @rrhoover the real question here is if we have enough, uh, bathroom themed (?) tech products to have a featured list.
At least it's a product addressing a real problem!
Now that's a wicked pissah!