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A new Snapchat video series about Science and Technology

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Kyle Ryan
Kyle RyanMaker@kylry · Engineering for tomorrow
Hey everyone! Erik Finman and I are starting a new weekly animated video series on Snapchat. Each Monday, we explore a new question about Science, Energy, or Technology. Simply follow @TheSparkWeekly on Snapchat to watch them. We're exploring new and exciting ways to get content to people. Through these 3 minutes videos, we want to experiment with new ways in engaging people. Snapchat is one of our favorite platforms, so we decided to launch exclusively there. Let us know what you think of the video! And follow @TheSparkWeekly to see the Snaps. This week's episode: How will Facebook, Drones, and Balloons get 2/3 of the world online?
Tiffany Zhong
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · @ZebraIQ (gen z), ex Product Hunt
@TheSparkWeekly @kylry @erikejf Two of my closest friends coming together to make the next big thing <3 Can't wait to see where this goes!
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@TheSparkWeekly How do you get the animations onto snapchat? Doesn't snapchat frown on 3rd party apps that access your account etc?
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Just followed! Where'd the idea come from @kylry and @erikfinman? P.S. you should add the Snapchat scannable code to the thread (simply link to a direct jpg/png).
Kyle Ryan
Kyle RyanMaker@kylry · Engineering for tomorrow
@erikfinman @rrhoover Ryan, thanks for asking. Erik and I both love science and technology. More importantly, we like talking about it. We wanted to run this experiment using Snapchat as a longform video platform. We're producing 10 episodes in the next 10 weeks. The first one was today. Through the process, we are going to learn about what it is like to use Snapchat for longform video. We are pushing the boundaries of what a "Snapchat Story" can be. Can it be a platform for short animated videos? I'm excited to see people's response! 😃
Erik Finman
Erik FinmanMaker@erikfinman · Founder of Finman Technologies
So FLOORED to be apart of this. I've always been passionate about education and new ways that people will learn, especially with the invention of the internet.
Jeremy Cai
Jeremy Cai@jjeremycai
Awesome branding, and great team! Looking forward to watching the snaps :)
Kyle Ryan
Kyle RyanMaker@kylry · Engineering for tomorrow
@jjeremycai Thanks Jeremy! They're going to get better and better each week with community feedback.
Daniel Kao
Daniel Kao@diplateevo · diplateevo
Just watched the first one and I am absolutely amazed. Can't wait to see more!
Kyle Ryan
Kyle RyanMaker@kylry · Engineering for tomorrow
@diplateevo Thanks Daniel 👊👱