The Slack Post

Post all the useful links from Slack in a public newspaper

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Great product that ended up dying after acquired. A good alternative is The Paperbot (
I really like how The Slack Post helps you make a newsletter without (and this is important) requiring me to change behavior. Most people are already sharing links to interesting articles amongst team members on Slack. Would be really cool if you can create a newsletter which people can subscribe to. Makers, you should check out, they made it very easy to send out a newsletter. I'm sure @mdekuijper is down for a cool partnership. πŸ™Œ
This is a good, simple hack. It would be cool that the entries not only included the links but the messages they were sent with. I think that will give it the newspaper more context and would be more fun to read as an outsider.
@luchomolina Great idea. We'll look into that, would be a nice addition :-) Cheers!
@wdeb @luchomolina insanely useful...we've been trying to find a solution for this because as a team we always share articles. it's too much to read and we all generally pocket so many articles and were trying to find a way we can produce a digest. this might be it. thanks!
@emiel, thanks man. Hooking up with Revue would be indeed very cool. Maybe something in the future, For now this is just a fun little side project for us to get a better understanding of how we can integrate Slack with Gibbon ( Hope you guys enjoy this little tool, if you have more questions or feedback, let me know!
Hey guys. It's nice! But in case of the large community (e.g. ~1500 people) it's not very nice to share these The Slack Post BOT messages to everybody. Is it possible to make an optional feature: make posts automatically OR approve it on your side (not in Slack) OR make it visible only for the owner/admins OR to make voting via emoji reactions (if Slack has an API for that)? Cheers :)