The Rooftop

People are turning their rooftops into restaurants

The Rooftop is a platform that lets people turn their rooftops into restaurants. We connect hosts with top private and restaurant chefs that create custom menus for guests. Guests make a reservation like they would normally do at a restaurant.
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Reminds me of The Shed: cool, do you need a food license or whatever I presume?
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This is very interesting idea, I've always wanted to play around with the idea of private cheffing/pop up restaurants. Currently doing a food truck project this summer, are you expanding into Europe in the near future?
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@aaronoleary Possibly, we're going to see how things go in California these next few months, but I can definitely keep you posted.
This is such an amazing idea, Danny! I shall definitely give it a try when I visit SF next time.
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@krupalijhobalia That's great, thank you!
Hey! I'm Danny, one of the co-founders of The Rooftop. We started this because we were sick of eating at the same restaurants in San Francisco and wanted more of a variety. The problem is that new restaurants rarely open because it's such an expensive endeavor. So we wanted to give chefs a way to create their own restaurants without all the overhead. We're giving product hunt users 10% off of their first dinner if they make a reservation this weekend. Just let us know that you're a PH user and we'll give you the discount! Let us know if you have any questions. :)
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Sound quite fun. I would love to see those around Boston.
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