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Love this team and everything they do!
@torbahax Thank you Andrew!
@torbahax Thanks Andrew :D
@torbahax thanks andrew! means a lot!
This should have a 100 upvotes. This team has done so many amazing interviews this year. Really great job!
@BlendahTom thanks Tom! :-)
@BlendahTom Thanks so much Tom!
@BlendahTom Thank you so much, Tom!
Great insight into startup founders, VC's and more people in the startup tech world. A must have needed under any Christmas tree!
@yashara Thanks Yashar - really appreciate the support!
@yashara Thanks Yashar :-)
Already ordered mine - it's awesome and can't wait to get it!
@rolandal Thanks Roland!
@rolandal Yay! Thanks Roland!
Really excited for this.
@morganb Thanks Morgan - can't wait to get it in everyone's hand!
@morganb Thanks morgan!