The Remote Work Report

Everyone loves remote work. Find out why.

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Dogs. Cats. 180+ remote work tips. Embarrassing remote work stories. How people really feel about remote work. Remote work challenges. Statistics about remote work meetings. Find all this and more in The Remote Work Report: Why Everyone Loves Remote Work.
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It’s insane how much people love remote work. 96% of people we surveyed said they would recommend it to a friend. 91% said working remotely was a good fit for them. People. Love. Remote. But it’s not all sunshine and kittens in your lap while you work. There are plenty of challenges. Communication issues. Loneliness and isolation. Lack of connectivity. Difficulty socializing during the week. Meetings with poor audio quality. We wrote all about the joys and challenges of remote work, plus put together 180+ tips and best practices for working remotely from remote workers. Here is some of the goodness we cover: - Why people love working remotely - People’s #1 challenge with remote work - Best practices and tips for working remotely - How many years people have been working remotely - Remote workers by company size and role - The state of remote meetings - An entire section dedicated to remote pets 🐶🐱 - Remote work fun 🚀🕺 - And much, much more! This was the most fun I’ve ever had writing a report. Please let us know what you think in the comments ❤️
Just like @marie_prokopets said, this report and the tips directory has many key insights that we learned about what it’s really like to work remotely. We are super excited to finally share this knowledge with you today. And a very special thank you to the thousands of people who responded to our tweets and also gave us their remote work tips and best practices. Please comment with your thoughts. Did any of the statistics and/or insights standout to you? How do you feel about remote work? We’re going to be doing more research on remote/distributed work and we can’t wait to hear what you think and what you want to know about remote work next!
@marie_prokopets @hnshah Thank you so much for putting this together! What is usually missing in discussions about remote work is how it empowers people who would not be able to contribute otherwise. If I am already living in a big city, Remote Work is a great benefit. But If I am a person that does not have access to a huge job market, it's the only way for me to contribute. Otherwise I would have to move and seek work elsewhere. It will be very exciting to see when the worforce enabled by remote work will enter the job market.
@hnshah @artpi Thanks for the feedback Artur - you are totally right that remote empowers people to live anywhere they want. Lots of the people who responded to our survey and provided tips lived all over, a few in RVs, some in Bali, others mentioned how they appreciated the fact that they could live outside of big cities and still have the job they wanted.
Really well-done report, nice work! One thing I would have liked to see is how many remote employees meet-up in person (and how frequently). Many naysayers of remote work oftentimes assume this is a binary working arrangement, when the reality is that distributed teams will oftentimes meet-up in person on a quarterly/bi-annual basis. I've found these to be critical to making remote
@lukethomas14 At AngelList and Product Hunt we usually aim for a team (in person) offsite or onsite once a year.
@lukethomas14 Thanks so much Luke! Really good question about in-person meet ups. A few people mentioned their company practices in the tips section, but I'll definitely put it into our list of things to dig into as we do more research on remote.
This is timely and awesome! I can't tell you how much remote work has floated to top of mind in my conversations with companies and people. However, it has to be thoughtfully designed at the company level for it to work great, and this is a great start at that.
@waikit So glad to hear - thanks for the feedback! Totally agree with you that remote has to be thoughtfully designed at the company level, otherwise things can fall apart really easily and the challenges we mention in the report can set in, making remote painful and frustrating.
I've seen the progress of this data collection. This is at least 30-60 days of work by usefyi team. As a remote worker, this will be THE resource I will look at again and again. Great job! @hnshah @marie_prokopets Can't wait to read it!
@hnshah @aazar_ali_shad Thanks so much for the feedback and for following along as we gathered info for the report. We put a lot of time, head and heart into this - really happy to hear that it's valuable for you. Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to learn about, categories of tips you want more of, whatever - we're going to keep going :)
Will try this product, our whole team is remote!
@nazar482 Awesome! Would love to hear what you think once you read it and check out the tips :)