The Reddit Marketing Code

A guide to cracking the Reddit marketing code

No. Stop. Go away. You are making reddit worse. This is no better than a how to spam guide.
@hueypriest As an active Redditor, I'd be the last person to want to spam Reddit. This isn't about spamming the community or tricking them. It's about showing brands that things like this ( don't work but things like this ( do.
@hueypriest "previously GM @Reddit" -- checks out.
@hueypriest Dont create a mess on Reddit.Please dont spam reddit
@Thecoolestcool Why is this worth $25? (I'm not saying it's not. I just want to hear your explanation.) I've generated hundreds of thousands of pageviews from Reddit, and I've found it to be pretty simple to do, once you understand the algorithm, and the community. Here's Reddit, as I see it: Write a long, personal, Reddity headline (Spend an hour or two on different subreddits to learn what types of headlines work best). Use the algorithm to your advantage: The voting algorithm is based mostly on a logarithmic, time-decay scale, so with a few votes within a short period, you can easily climb to the top of any subreddit. With the right headline, you should end up on top for a while. It's best to submit around 2AM eastern, if you can. Since most people submit in the morning and afternoon, the most popular posts are starting to decay, so it's easy to climb the rankings. By the time people wake up and check Reddit, you're on top.
@msitver Those are definitely some solid insights and tips! I've priced it at $25 because I've been able to use the strategies I shared here and the insights found in the various interviews to make earn more than $25, $50 or even $1000. For me, I've always been willing to invest in products that can help me see an ROI, if someone orders the guide and doesn't see the value, I'd give them back their $, no questions asked.
This makes me so mad. There is no "code" to marketing to Reddit. No silver bullet. It's the same as with any other medium or place and any other marketing technique you can use because it only comes down to that one single thing that marketing is based off of: understand the users. Marketing is NOT speaking AT people, it's speaking to, or with people. Reddit is the same. Sure it's a place where it's easy to post a link to any article or landing page you created. But it will only work if you address it to Redditors and craft your thing in a way that they can relate to. The ONLY way to do that is to spend time and effort to understand how Reddit works. I'm a long time lurker, I also chip in from time to time. And if there's one lesson I understood very quickly about Reddit, it's that the community is VERY diverse. There is no way to streamline how to speak to reddit because every subreddit is different and every one of them has different ways: different mod rules, different users, different traditions... So, as with any other medium or place or marketing technique you want to try, Reddit requires time and hard work to understand. All in all it all comes down to the basics: have a great product that brings value, and/or have a great piece of content that brings value. THEN show it to the right audience. Does it fit a relevant subreddit? Good, by all means, post it. If not, then maybe next time. It's that simple. Learn things by yourself. Don't waste money on this. Please don't.
@thibautdavoult Thibaut, You're spot on that the community is diverse. You're also spot on that there isn't a way to streamline how to speak to Reddit. Where I'd disagree is with the idea that there isn't a consistent approach that works on the channel. Sure, a lot of the code is built on core elements of marketing but some are unique to Reddit as a whole. This guide isn't about submitting content to Reddit and crossing your fingers. It isn't about flooding niche subreddits with your own content. It's about being a quality member of the community, establishing trust and driving real results while you're at it. The guide is about engaging in the various communities, understanding how to do it effectively, and not making the same mistakes that a handful of brands have already made. Look, I'm an active member of Reddit and a long time lurker. I'm one of Reddits biggest fans and spend time on it daily. The last thing I'd ever want is to see my favourite subreddits filled with marketing spam and corporate BS. That said, I've seen many brands come into quite a few subreddits with great products and get banned because they didn't understand the space. On the flipside, I've studied, helped and interviewed brands that have done it correctly and drove results. In this guide, I share how they've done it and highlight the trends that go across some of the most successful case studies. This guide might not be for you. You might already get it. And if so, that's awesome! But as long as brands think it's okay to do this ( I'm going to keep educating them until they realize it's not.
Ross (@TheCoolestCool) has been putting out some amazing and practical marketing content. This is his latest ebook on all things Reddit marketing.
@robjama Thanks man - Appreciate it!
Cracking The Reddit Marketing Code is a 70+ page guide that highlights some of the lessons I've learned over the last few months. It includes interviews with the marketing brains behind PactCoffee, Pornhub (they're killing it on Reddit), Beardbrand and more! Along with these interviews are some of the insights I've used to land on the front page and the tactics I've seen work time and time again. As a big fan of product hunt, I'm also offering a $5 off promocode - Just type: producthunt and you'll get the guide for just $10! The price is going back up to $25 at the end of the week so get it while you can and let me know if you have any questions!