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Simple, powerful and free live chat solution for websites

Provide support, qualify leads, increase conversion rates and improve overall customer satisfaction with The Real Time Chat.

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Hey @heofizzy, What makes this website chat stand out from others out there? We use Intercom here at Product Hunt. Have you attempted to improve specific aspects of real time chat?
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Hi @jacqvon, thank you for your message! First of all, we are much smaller than Intercom and only launched few weeks ago. We do not have many fancy features, which are not used by average customer, as our bigger competitors. However we have some must have for chat functionality such as auto messaging, user database, basic user information collecting, pre-chat form. But what really makes us stand out that we are offering free version forever for 1 agent and if you want to grow, our PRO plan is based on agent model - you do not have to pay for leads and user interactions as they are unlimited.
Great! I'm now working with website for airline company. I will use this template. Can I use this service in my case?
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