The Rasterbator

Wall art from any image

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The Rasterbator is a cool and quick way to print a single image onto multiple pieces of paper. I first learned about the site while in college and we used to put up all sorts of large images with our printer credits. I just ran across it again, and realized the world needs more rasterbation.

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Angelo Embuldeniya
Angelo Embuldeniya@angeloe · Cofounder, Recruiter + Product Guy.
Very cool @matiasarje! Especially the blueprint style - thanks for making The Rasterbator and @jaredepicpower thanks for hunting this 😃
Jared The Dude
Jared The DudeHunter@jaredepicpower · EVP & Co-founder @
@matiasarje @angeloe I hope you get a chance to make something cool with it!
Kurt Madsen
Kurt Madsen@damenleeturks · UX Designer and Strategist
Wow! I remember using Rasterbator more than a decade ago. Is this a new update to the site/app? If so, what's new?