The Random Show - Recommendations & Resolutions for 2016

Tim Ferriss & Kevin Rose chat about New Year's Resolutions

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"I need to do more things just for the fuck of it." - @tferriss ๐Ÿ˜Š I always learn about something new listening to The Random Show. Their conversation about ketosis makes me want to research it a bit further.
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@rrhoover super active community over here:
@rrhoover ah Tom many tweets must he get intended for @tferriss ;)
@kaz haha, typo fixed!
Less rambly than other Random shows ;) Really enjoyed it. Also - here's a link to the Habit Tracking app that @kevinrose mentioned:
Always great back and forth with these two. Definitely putting Radical Acceptance on the reading list.
Really enjoyed this show! Recently found out @YearCompass Nice tool as well!