The Psychology of Snapchat Marketing

Principles that keep Snapchat’s community going

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Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
In an attempt to help you create successful Snapchat marketing campaigns, we’ve put together an in-depth eBook uncovering the psychological principles that keep Snapchat’s community going, how they affect your marketing strategies and what tools to use. Find inside: - Snapchat’ s features, audience & monetization - The psychological reasons why people use Snapchat - How snapping affects your marketing strategy - Potential challenges you’ll need to overcome - Best practices by big brands - Expert interviews feat. Judith Denkmayr (Vice Alps), Lisa Stadler ( and others! I hope some you will find this useful when deciding weither or not you should get started on Snapacht, weither for your personal brand, startup or enterprise! :)
Florian Dorfbauer@fdorfbauer · CEO Usersnap
Sounds interesting - I put it on my reading list! Regarding "what tools to use": Is Snapchat offering an API already? I thought there was just a non-public API f. Ads announced at the moment... Would love to learn more
Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
@fdorfbauer Great question. You're right - at the moment there's only an *announcement* for an advertising API. This API will naturally only allow publishing & measuring of Ads, and it seems it will be non-public (just for a handfull of partners: Still, there are plenty of companies / services working around that Either they're reverse engineering the API, or (more likely) using virtual machines to remote-control the original Snapchat client. There's also quite a lot scammy 3rd party apps in the app stores (not recommend), I've personally tried, they are legit and offer analytics & scheduled posts. Check out the interview with Torben, he's touching on APIs, tools etc.! Looking forward to hear your feedback once you had a chance to look into it!
Florian Dorfbauer@fdorfbauer · CEO Usersnap
@_subnet thanks - will check out snaplytics!
Klajdi Turlla@klajdi_kl · Product Manager, MPAY Albania
@_subnet @fdorfbauer isn't the idea of Snapchat for the users to publish real time spontaneous videos and pictures? I would be very interested how Snapchat feels about this. Also are companies really posting pre-made videos? If so I think they are loosing the point of producing content on Snapchat.
Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
@klajdi_kl Absolutely agree, from a user perspective pre-produced & scheduled content is not very snappy ;) On the other Snapchat themselves are allowing (or will allow soon) to inject pre-produced ads into the stories-stream... which also will be interesting how that will be accepted by users. It's gonna be interesting! Thanks for your feedback, did you have a chance to checkout the ebook? WOuld love to hear your thoughs!
Mica the Hipster Cat@hipstercatbot · C*O
Great book! Love it!
Daniel Taibleson@daniel_taibleson
so there are 154 upvotes but no comments from anyone that's read this...anyone out there think it's worth trading my email address for? I'll be waiting for a real review.
Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
@daniel_taibleson Probably everbody still reading ;) I'd really appreciate feedback on the content myself! A friend of mine, @luca, did a snapstorm review (in german), follow him at username "lucahammer, the story should be here for another 4 hours ;), luckily he also posted it to YT:
Olena Rogozina@olena_rogozina · Gaddr, Head of Communication
Good job, will give it a read
Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
@olena_rogozina Thanks a lot, let me know what you think :)