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In an attempt to help you create successful Snapchat marketing campaigns, we’ve put together an in-depth eBook uncovering the psychological principles that keep Snapchat’s community going, how they affect your marketing strategies and what tools to use. Find inside: - Snapchat’ s features, audience & monetization - The psychological reasons why people use Snapchat - How snapping affects your marketing strategy - Potential challenges you’ll need to overcome - Best practices by big brands - Expert interviews feat. Judith Denkmayr (Vice Alps), Lisa Stadler (derstandard.at) and others! I hope some you will find this useful when deciding weither or not you should get started on Snapacht, weither for your personal brand, startup or enterprise! :)
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Sounds interesting - I put it on my reading list! Regarding "what tools to use": Is Snapchat offering an API already? I thought there was just a non-public API f. Ads announced at the moment... Would love to learn more
@fdorfbauer Great question. You're right - at the moment there's only an *announcement* for an advertising API. This API will naturally only allow publishing & measuring of Ads, and it seems it will be non-public (just for a handfull of partners: https://techcrunch.com/2016/06/1...). Still, there are plenty of companies / services working around that Either they're reverse engineering the API, or (more likely) using virtual machines to remote-control the original Snapchat client. There's also quite a lot scammy 3rd party apps in the app stores (not recommend), I've personally tried http://snaplytics.io, they are legit and offer analytics & scheduled posts. Check out the interview with Torben, he's touching on APIs, tools etc.! Looking forward to hear your feedback once you had a chance to look into it!
@_subnet thanks - will check out snaplytics!
@_subnet @fdorfbauer isn't the idea of Snapchat for the users to publish real time spontaneous videos and pictures? I would be very interested how Snapchat feels about this. Also are companies really posting pre-made videos? If so I think they are loosing the point of producing content on Snapchat.
@klajdi_kl Absolutely agree, from a user perspective pre-produced & scheduled content is not very snappy ;) On the other Snapchat themselves are allowing (or will allow soon) to inject pre-produced ads into the stories-stream... which also will be interesting how that will be accepted by users. It's gonna be interesting! Thanks for your feedback, did you have a chance to checkout the ebook? WOuld love to hear your thoughs!
Great book! Love it!
so there are 154 upvotes but no comments from anyone that's read this...anyone out there think it's worth trading my email address for? I'll be waiting for a real review.
@daniel_taibleson Probably everbody still reading ;) I'd really appreciate feedback on the content myself! A friend of mine, @luca, did a snapstorm review (in german), follow him at username "lucahammer, the story should be here for another 4 hours ;), luckily he also posted it to YT:
Good job, will give it a read
@olena_rogozina Thanks a lot, let me know what you think :)