The Product Book

How to become a great product manager - 2nd edition

The Product Book is back! Now with three new languages, a Kindle friendly edition, and a free audio version, we are bringing the ultimate strategies on how to become a great Product Manager to an even greater portion of the Product population.
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Hey Hunters! The Product Book has accomplished many things since its initial publishing. From being a #1 bestseller on Amazon, to being the second highest voted product of the month, The Product Book continues to be one of the cornerstones of Product Management. While The Product Book has remained a classic for many, we made the decision that it needed to be in the hands of even more aspiring and experienced Product Managers across the world...🌎🌍🌏 What’s new: - Translated into 3 more languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and a remastered version in English 🎯 - A free downloadable version for each language on Kindle📖 - An audiobook version available on all platforms (Spotify, Audible, and iTunes)📻 The journey remains the same, and we will continue to learn and grow together, so join us as we work to make the Product Sphere an even greater place. Made with product love and heart, Thank you, ❤️
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Hmmm the link seems broken, leads me to a page not found 🤔
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ohh sorry. Thanks @aaronoleary for letting me now. I just fixed it. Can you please double check now?
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If you want to know what this whole product thing is about, this is the best entry point.


It remains the best intermediate introduction to the world of Product, PMing and digital business.


No audiobook available in Spanish yet :(

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link doesnt work :(
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thanks @rafal_gawlik for letting me know. Can you please try again?
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Is there something new in the content itself?
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