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The Product Book answers that question. Filled with practical tips, frameworks and best practices from PMs at top tech companies, this book is here to help you succeed as a PM.

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Not a fan of connecting via messenger to get the free book. You already have my email, do you really need my Facebook too? Put me off both reading or buying.
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@roisiproven Hi Rosi 😃I appreciate your comment! We’ve found connecting with Messenger to be a quick and efficient way to deliver the book to those who want to read it. And since it’s free for supporters of this campaign, there’s no need to buy anything. No hard feelings if you think it’s not for you, but if you change your mind I’d love to hear what you think of the book!
@villaumbrosia You sent me an email telling me to go to messenger, why not just deliver it via email? You also then sent me marketing emails which I did not opt in to. As I'm an EU citizen this violates GDPR
@villaumbrosia @roisiproven The messenger part surprised me as well. Did not click, went to see if any emails arrived, none. Not keen on being fished.
@josselinco Hi Josselin, thanks for pointing this out. You should have been sent an email with the book as well. I am talking to my developers about this right now!
@roisiproven Hi Roisi, we send emails to people that opted-in in the past. You can easily unsubscribe from our Product updates - you can use the link at the bottom of any email you have from us. Also, we've heard your suggestions and we removed the Facebook Messenger step so you can get the book via email! We'll remove you from our mailing list. The PS team will miss you. Come back to us if you need any PM advice. Best!
Hello @producthunt! Today you can get the digital version of 'The Product Book' for FREE on Product Hunt! 🚀-> & one lucky winner will receive a paperback copy! 📚 Many years ago, I moved to San Francisco with one dream: creating something everybody would love. Soon, I discovered that Product Managers were in charge of this creation processes. After a lot of effort and experimenting, I became a Product Manager. And, sometime later, a startup founder. In 2009 I co-founded NetDay, seeking to host events bridging young people with thought leaders. I remained captivated by the idea of expanding people’s visions of themselves. So I embarked another adventure: Floqq, a free online video courses platform learn whatever you wished, guided by experts in the field. Building Product School and expanding our Product Management courses across the world was just a natural step. But I realized that every day, I was giving product advice. And I was still learning. New colleagues, people in the industry, even our customers! They all raised challenges that required better systems, new methods and a whole rethinking of my product approach. The Product Book was born from collecting these experiences across the tech industry. It was built through conversations with senior level PMs from Google, Airbnb, Facebook, and Spotify. I do not claim to have discovered the only way to become a great PM. This was my journey. But I think many of you will benefit from the solutions I found to the obstacles I encountered along the way. In a way, I wish somebody had written this book for me when I first started. Read it for FREE here ->, share it and let me know what you think! I’ll be more than happy to listen and improve through your feedback and answer any questions that you may have. Carlos Villaumbrosia, CEO of Product School. @villaumbrosia
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@producthunt @villaumbrosia Hi Carlos! Thank you so much for sharing your product thoughts in one book! I got the hard copy a month ago and I will share the ebook with a great friend of mine that is entering the world of PM - Thanks for making it available on Product Hunt. 😀 Btw, I just saw on Slack you are going live today to answer product questions! Can you share the link? I'd love to join
@producthunt @gzampino Hi Gabriela - Good to know that The Product Book was a great resource for you! And about the live chat, yes! Please, RSVP here ->
@villaumbrosia I didn’t receive any email.
@uzeconomist Hi Hamza, I sent you a private DM!

I work in marketing with an analytical background and learning about business. My profile is very similar to a PM, but I didn't know what a PM does or needs.

This book was like a holy slap that helped me to understand what I've to do know and how to do it.


Resolved all my doubts about PM


Maybe a discount for their course? :P

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I first came to the Product Book with a passion for innovation but knowing little about how great products actually get made. After having read the book, I'm able to think like a Product Manager and have clear, step by step strategies for brining my ideas to life. Would heartily recommend this book to anyone with a passion for creating good products or leading teams.


Concise and effective guide to Product Management


None I can think of!

When you can’t pound down a half dozen books on PM, you can pound down one that has it all: The Product Book. So far I've learned all the basics from product lifecycle, process flows to product metrics. The reality is that resources for PMs are scant and this book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to start building GREAT products.

I recommend this book to any aspiring product manager looking for industry insider's perspective to start, develop, sell and promote a new product in today's fast-changing business world. 😄


Beyond the PM basics!


None! Thx for the free resource! 🙌