The PM Interview

Practice PM Interview Questions (w/ timer).

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Thanks @ellenchisa ! I made this for my own needs as I felt I didn't have enough preparation interviews, and found out it helped a lot. Some other applicants have started using it and it's a great feeling to hear that it helps other. I'd love to improve it over time so please chime in with your suggestions of feature or content :)
When I interviewed PM candidates in the past I would break up the interview into; introduction, recent work project, sample problem and conclude with any remaining questions. When discussing a recent project, the candidate should be able to explain their work clearly. I look for signs of leadership and initiative. What was a difficult situation they ran into and how did they handle it? Did they give up or come up with a creative way to get out of the bind? Most importantly I probe for getting things done. Strong candidates are smart and get things done :-)
A good way to prep for PM interviews - gives you lots of the standard questions (tell me about yourself, estimation, product design) - and a timer to let you know how long you're taking. I find the "surprise" element much more helpful than prepping for a long list.
Made by @RaphKomjat, who might be willing to weigh in/answer questions :)
Great tool @RaphKomjat ! Could be great to get anonymous (but validated) proposals for answers (from candidates) and questions (from recruiters). We often feel uncomfortable asking for help, review, advices when it comes to preparing interviews because we don't know if it's the right person, if it's very appropriate, .... Especially in PM as it is such a large field! Record your interview preparation (do you remember talking to your wall preparing your first interview ;), then filter the voice so you feel *free* and get frank feedback. Just an idea!