The Pixel Challenge

Build impactful daily habits and transform your life

Build impactful, time-lasting daily habits to reach your goals and transform your life! Get a boost of motivation and self-discipline every time you open up a new tab on your browser!

  • Marcos Gómez
    Marcos GómezStudent, maker... somewhere in between

    Nice design and pattern to keep up with things.The random background images and the sweet animations are perfect!



    I used to keep track of my habits and goals by writing in my personal diary. However, that got quite cumbersome and tiring as I wanted to focus more on what I was doing. This extension is just perfect.

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  • Akshay Kadam(A2K)
    Akshay Kadam(A2K)Maker of all things JavaScript 😘

    Always wanted a Github contribution graph for my habits


    Huge in Size (165MiB)

    Visually stunning. Building habits will be now fun thanks to you Rameerez 😉

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👋 Hi again, PH! Super happy to launch The Pixel Challenge today! Some weeks ago, I was trying to keep a New Year’s resolution by tracking my daily progress on a sheet of paper. Soon I realised that was not the best solution. And it wasn’t beautiful either. But I still wanted to keep track of the daily habit I was trying to build. And I wanted to be reminded about it every day so I wouldn’t just forget or ignore it. So I set myself to build something that would help me keep track of a daily habit… on my Chrome New Tab page. I managed to build the first raw MVP of the product in under two hours, which I started using right away. Fast forward some weeks, and this is what the project has become. If you’re interested in the backstory and behind the scenes, I shared the whole story from idea to product with a lot of details in this thread on Twitter! The Pixel Challenge has helped me immensely so far… hope some of you would find it useful too 💚 Please let me know any feedback! Grateful as always to be able to chat with you guys :)
@rameerez I love it! and chrome extension into the new tab seems like a great fit for a daily reminder. Unfortunately my new tab is taken by another tab so I'm wondering if you have any plans to just have it as a standalone website or some other implementation.
@marco Thank you! May I ask what are you using as new tab extension right now? :)
@rameerez It's called Toby. Helps get rid of tabs and save bookmarks. Had momentum for a long time but never worked for me besides the beautiful pictures.
Congrats on the launch @rameerez! As someone who struggles with building new habits, this is def a gem for me. Do you have any plans to expand it to other platforms?
@lenilsonjr_ Thanks, Lenilson! Yes, porting it to other browsers like Firefox should be easy + I'm planning on making native mobile versions if it works well on desktop!
Finally - the @GitHub board for all life. Would LOVE to see @TheBigXP incorporate this element of UX. @rameerez
Looks nice! Any reason why it's desktop only? I don't see a way to check it on my mobile browser. You could make it responsive for now instead of waiting for a native app.
@brunolemos open to get it working everywhere, but wanted to first solve my base use case well and see if that made sense and worked okay :) After it's refined and improved I'll probably do exactly what you're describing :)
Hey, We launched a similar product last week and it became 4th product of the day. But in karma you can track your habits automatically