The Pitch India - 17: Ithaka

Hear Amaya's pitch to investors Rahul Khanna & Kris Nair

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Josh Muccio
Josh MuccioMaker@joshmuccio · Host of The Pitch
Proud to bring you the first episode of The Pitch INDIA 🙌💃- but really I gotta thank @shalinsshah for his work in putting this together. I'm excited for more to come from India. Thanks @astronautameya @twtrahul @krisnair for making this episode happen! And to @yevp for sponsoring (
Kaushal Vyas
Kaushal Vyas@deleted-1426067
@joshmuccio @shalinsshah @astronautameya @twtrahul @krisnair @yevp awesomeness As an Indian fan of The Pitch (albeit based out of London), I'm pretty excited about this. Kudos!
Shreyas Joshi
Shreyas Joshi@shreyas_joshi
@joshmuccio @shalinsshah @astronautameya @twtrahul @krisnair @yevp Glad to see the pitch in India. Look forward to more episodes.
Ameya Sahasrabudhe
Ameya SahasrabudheMaker@astronautameya · CEO, Ithaka
@joshmuccio @shalinsshah @twtrahul @krisnair @yevp Very happy to be part of The Pitch's entry into India!
Ashok Kamal
Ashok Kamal@ak_launchleader · Executive Director @TechCoastAngels
Good to see The Pitch expanding with the disappearing borders of entrepreneurship. I went to business school in India (IIM) and I've been amazed to see the growth in tech entrepreneurship over the past 4 years.
Amit Singh
Amit Singh@iamitsy
@astronautameya Great pitch. @shalinsshah Looking forward to more such pitches