The Pitch - 36: Copia—Solving our Food Waste Problem

Komal pitches her YC startup to Zanoon Nissar from Google

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Josh Muccio
Josh MuccioMaker@joshmuccio · Host of The Pitch
This opening quote sets the tone for the entire episode. "You can find a homeless person begging for food and right across the street there’s a restaurant throwing away enough food to feed a hundred people. Many nonprofits are trying to solve this problem, but perhaps a better solution can be found using technology." @komal_ahmad has a real passion to eradicate hunger. And the fact that she has the audacity to do it using a for-profit business model in a space that is traditionally all nonprofits... well It's impressive to say the least. Very excited to hear what everyone thinks of this week's show. Thanks @zanoonnissar @pitdesi @muccio_lisa for their help making this episode.
Rand owens
Rand owens@rand0wens · Founder GrowthSchool
Great job, Komal and Josh!