The Pic of The Day

The most beautiful wall in the world.

Hey @ambonium! Short feedback on my first impression: 1. The zoom and rotate effect when hovering is a little annoying. The wall should focus on the pictures itself and in my opinion this effect is too dominant. Maybe you could look for something more subtle or maybe don't have an hover animation at all. 2. The about page doesn't work for me. 3. Are you going to make some kind of collections? I think a wall with some kind of collections which are the best of its category could work great! Best wishes, Dom
Happy New Year @dbleilevens! Thanks a lot for taking the time to feed me back :) Since this runs on Tumblr, it's just a matter of changing the theme, so I'll look into the UI/UX aspect of it and change it at the soonest. The 'About' Page is working fine for me, but then again, I'll consider the re-theming of the wall :) Coming to collections, it's a great idea and I plan to implement it via a Facebook Page that's in the making so we could publish categorised collections :) Hope you liked TPOTD :D Cheers!
Thanks @ambonium! Happy New Year! Alright, looking forward to further improvements! Regards!
Happy New Year fellow ProductHunters :D It's a privilege to start the year by presenting to you something I believe will be the most beautiful wall you have ever seen :) The idea behind #tpotd started by asking few people the same question everyday; "What's the best picture you've clicked today?". Well, then I thought what if I asked the whole world that? Hence, The Pic of The Day. Would love to see a lot of pictures from you guys. All you have to do is add a hashtag (#tpotd) to your pictures on Instagram or 500px and I'd love to feature it on the wall :) Hope you all liked it. Have a great year ahead! Cheers!