The most versatile book, tablet & laptop stand

Book | tablet | laptop stand from the inventor of the VHS recorder, DAT and foldable mobile phone.
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I use a Roost ( regularly and this new stand has caught my eye. Mainly because the Roost isn't super stable so when I attach a secondary screen to my MacBook Pro it falls over. This one, with it's pelican feet, would seem to solve that issue. And I'm always pinching my fingers in the Roost as I nervously set it up and take it down. This seems much less frightening. UPDATE: I just pre-ordered it so I'll let you know how it is.
So versatile and portable. Great design too, that designer is a genius :)
I work remotely in the library. I have a laptop on a stand. I get people literally interrupting me and asking me where I got my stand. The RioRand. I’m not an affiliate, I want to help people who see this; it’s available to buy now.
@micksabox Meh, it's too low. Better than nothing but without raising it up, to proper viewing angles, you're not solving the issue. Cheap, though. But I prefer this stand or the Roost.