The Peel Wallet

Magical magnetic design keeps itself closed

A uniquely simple design that integrates magnets to keep the wallet closed. Along with the magnets, hidden rubber nubs on the back side of the thin elastic band further help keep your cards in place. It’s functional, thin, and fun to play with.

During testing no card strips were wiped due to the leather between card and magnet.

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What do you do with cash? Or is that completely obsolete?
@naval cash? sounds like an edge case...
@naval we recommend putting your cash on top of the card stack, below the elastic band. That said, cash wasn’t a priority use case with this particular design.
Are these magnets strong enough to scramble the magnetic strip on a credit/debit card? Or is that not an issue with newer cards?
@jmilr I asked the same thing, depends on the card (varies from model to model) but yeah it can but it has to pretty much come into contact with them, so your top and bottom card may get erased.
Hey @marshal & @jon, I like the simplicity of this wallet. Do you have more designs in the works as well?
@jon @jacqvon we do, pending how well received this design is 😏
@marshal and co, you've launched phone cases and chargers. How do you decide which peripherals/accessories to build next?
@rrhoover a big theme at Peel right now is to take our brand’s design principals (simple unobtrusive design + minimal branding) and apply them to more lifestyle products. When possible we look to design in “that little something special”. Sometimes that’s making an item simpler. Other times it’s designing in a unique function. A notebook is next for us. We have ideas for a pen concept, a backpack, a shoe, a shirt, a water bottle, and more :)
@marshal Please do a backpack asap. I've looked at dozens of backpacks trying to find a slim, clean one that would just hold my 13" Macbook, a charger and a few misc. I went with a small Thule one and like it for the most part but still feel like I settled.
Will the wallet magnets affect the magnetic strips or chips on cards?