The Outsiders

Eight unconventional CEOs radical blueprint for success

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This book completely changed my business life.
Great book. The correct tagline is "Eight Unconventional CEOs and Their Radically Rational Blueprint for Success." Product Hunt has the tagline from the old SE Hinton "Outsiders" instead.
@kentgoldman edited - sorry about that. thanks for noting, Kent.
@kentgoldman @eriktorenberg we got it fixed up :)
I love that one. Very insightful read into how finance is crucial even for non-strictly financial startups and companies. Thanks for recommending it to me @davemorin :)
I was one of the contributors to this book (I did the field study for one of the case studies presented in the book) and it was brilliant to work with the author, whose initial goal was to use these case studies as a way to "educate" CEOs at his PE fund's portfolio companies but it soon took a much larger dimension. It was all about being very patient and making big bets that defined the company. Not about doing too many small-incremental moves but extremely thoughtful big moves. And using finance to take advantage of interim opportunities. A bit like financial engineering but taken to a completely different level, making it part of a company's DNA. This will be one of the upcoming books for which we're going to produce a video summary like these: