The Offline Writing App

The only writing app that forces you to disconnect.

The internet is full of distractions. Serious writers shouldn't be distracted by the endless buffet of cat memes. The Offline Writing App is the only writing app that makes you disconnect so you can get some focused writing.
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It's clever and simple. Now, if you could help me get rid of all my other distractions, that would be wonderful...
@andrew_cabasso Easy. The premium product will just be horse blinders for sale.
@nikolazaris Shut up and take my money.
@andrew_cabasso Have you checked out ColdTurkey? Made me wayy more productive :)
Hey PH, I made this simple web app to help myself with writing. It prevents you from using it until you disable your Wifi. The goal is to force you to focus on your writing and not on the distractions. Hope you get a kick out of it. Enjoy! πŸ–‹
I opened the page and my first thought was that it's pretty gimmicky to ask me to turn off my wifi. Then I tried it, actually a clever idea. I like the idea of having to turn wifi back on when you're done to save.
Haha thanks @ujzeee it was meant to be a little gimmicky but hopefully a little helpful too.
Smart and simple. The wifi ask is great! :)
Dark theme coming?
@anna_0x In the next version πŸ˜…