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A Wirecutter-esque site for baby gear

@ashbhoopathy, @sandimac, and I were chatting about parent-friendly product hunts yesterday on Product Hunt Radio (publishing next week). This might be useful for you, Ash. ;)
Oooh thank you thank you! It's hilarious, I was thinking about actually mentioning: "Someone should create a wirecutter for baby gear" last night but didn't get a chance.
lol - nice! I'm a big fan of wirecutter and their model of 'the best', somehow only discovered it a few months ago.
Hey @ashbhoopathy - haven't listened to the podcast yet, but here are my favorite parent-friendly finds: 1. 2. 3. 4.
@kaz you're a baller. I was JUST going to put together a list of parent-friendly hunts for an upcoming email list. Here are a few others: - Epic - Netflix for kids books - Maily - Your Kids' First Email - Hello Ruby - An illustrated storybook teaching Ruby to kids - Hopscotch - Coding for kids: an iPad programming language - Notabli - Save the story of your kids - Camperoo - Expedia for Kids Camps and Activities cc @Emmie Also cc'ing some product-hunting parents that might find this useful. @joshelman, @hnshah, @byosko, @jimscheinman.