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#3 Product of the WeekApril 02, 2015
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Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
Hello everyone, super excited to launch the new version of TheNews. Now you can enjoy reading Product Hunt, Hacker News and Designer News side by side with the new design that I’ve worked on with @twnsndco. Don’t forget to adjust your columns with our subdomain hack :) for 2 columns layout with PH on the left and HN on the right. for 3 columns layout with DN on the left, HN in the middle and PH on the right. The website is responsive and TheNews is available as an iOS app as well. Hope you find it useful, kudos to the people making this version possible, @tosinaf @twnsndco, @williamchanner
Abdel Ibrahim
Abdel Ibrahim@abdophoto · Investor, Creator of @techhunterco
@twnsndco @tosinaf @williamchanner @ahmetsulek Very nice! Not sure if you're aware, but we curate best tech stories from around the web over at Maybe it's something that your visitors would find helpful. We also curate great Amazon tech deals over at :)
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
@twnsndco @tosinaf @williamchanner @abdophoto Nice source! We can consider this adding to
Abdel Ibrahim
Abdel Ibrahim@abdophoto · Investor, Creator of @techhunterco
@twnsndco @tosinaf @williamchanner @ahmetsulek I'd love that. I've messaged you guys in the past, I think. I think Panda readers would enjoy too!
Taylor Edmiston
Taylor EdmistonHiring@kicksopenminds · Senior Software Engineer
@twnsndco @tosinaf @williamchanner @ahmetsulek This feature is such a cool idea. Thanks for adding it. Btw - There looks to be a small bug in responsiveness. If I'm in the 3 column view then shrink my width to have two columns, I can't get to the third column. If I shrink more, eventually the menu bar pops up, but it's not there in the in-between view.
Ryan Alam
Ryan Alam@ryanalam · chicken or beef?
I use Panda for this. A little bit more customizable and it appears every time I open a new tab. Has definitely transformed the way I read up on my daily news :)
Ahmet Sülek
Ahmet SülekMaker@ahmetsulek · Founder @
@ryanalam Yeah that's a great way of consuming news as well :)
Ryan J A Murphy
Ryan J A Murphy@ryanjamurphy · Student?
@ryanalam @ahmetsulek Hahah. I had to shut off the new tab functionality. It was too distracting/addicting! Panda's sitting in my bookmarks bar and the button is starting to show wear from its use, nonetheless. Thanks for your work!
Irving Torres
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
@ryanalam ditto. I don't use the new tab option but Panda is my go-to app for a news aggregator. Keep up the good work @ahmetsulek
Marco Napoli
Marco Napoli@jedipixels · Founder, Pixolini, Inc.
Looks great...
Noah Buscher
Noah Buscher@nhbschr
Woo! Go Cole!!!
Alex Wolkov ☭
Alex Wolkov ☭@altryne · UX, Front End
Since I've discovered the news, I barely anymore go directly to HN. I hope this won't be the case with Product Hunt :D
William Channer
William ChannerMaker@williamchanner · Co-founder of Panda
@altryne Haha. Unlikely, PH has the tightly knit community. People come here to view the discussions and share opinions. The News just curates. It does not have the community element.
Irving Torres
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer