The New York Times Top Stories

Top NYT stories presented in an immersive bite-sized format

An immersive experience detailing the New York Times top stories and displaying them beautifully.

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Hi Simon, I'm experiencing a loop where the page shows 0%, 3%, then reloads. I can't actually access the project either. Any ideas?
@jleodaniel @jessicaelle Thanks for trying the project out. It turns out the New York Times API has a limit and cannot handle the many requests at this point. That's why this problem occurs. Currently working on resolving problems and hopefully it will work again in a few days.
Hi @jleodaniel @jessicaelle. The problem should be fixed now. Enjoy this app! 😄
Hi simon, congratulations on a amazing job. I have reviewed the project, but after sending it to my friend the project was not opened. FYI
@mustafaayildiz Thanks for letting me know. I guess it's because of the api limit from the new york times api. Will see if there's anything I can do about it.
Hi @mustafaayildiz. The problem should be fixed now. Enjoy this app! 😄