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Twitter's attitude towards devs needs to be updated before their documentation. 👍
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@sam_ayres absolutely agree. Well said m8 👏
I'd love to build on top of Twitter, but in my experience, and reading from others, Twitter tends to be hostile to developers. The key example is Meerkat. Has anything been done to improve the developer experience from this perspective?
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@msavin This. I will never again build an app on top of Twitter because they're simply hostile at every turn, and IMO the main reason why they're in a downturn. Facebook is much more consistent and provides more valuable data. Here's a good discussion thread on on the state of their product and if you could change it, what that would look like:
@msavin Meerkat is not an example of hostility. They clearly and consciously violated a ton of Twitter's terms. Nothing about what happened with Meerkat was unfair. I've had a great experience working with + on Twitter building both Disqus and Blab.
@msavin Same. Stocktwits is another one (cashtag) I can think of
@msavin From an inside perspective, I can tell you that we have worked really hard to make developers successful. There are thousands of developers doing amazing things; from businesses that rely heavily on data ( to early warning systems such the flooding dashboard and accounts created by the USGS ( So it is quite unfortunate when people look at one or two of all those developers – products like Meerkat and Politwoops who were in clear violation of our developer policies – and come to the conclusion that they shouldn't build on the platform themselves. Use the APIs, don't be shady, make a great product.
Great that they are fixing their website, but until they fix their horrible policies and procedures, I won't be building anything on their API.
@mubashariqbal do you specific complaints?
@chrismessina @mubashariqbal A good example is Twitter killing the Social Sharing API, the day after Dorsey was appointed CEO and said he wanted to help improve developer relations. So, either management has been lying or they can't get their act together. Either way, a dying platform with many other interesting alternatives out there.
@andreioprisan @mubashariqbal well, there's the issue of Twitter making a money and being a business... can't you get access to the data via Gnip? Or are you miffed about having to pay for it?
@chrismessina @mubashariqbal that data should be free via their API's, they can still have their instance API throttles buy should offer the option to pay to increase that capacity, like the 1/10 or firehose access.
@chrismessina these comments read super fanboy-ish.. everyone knows Twitter has terrible developer relations.
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@jbulava what were some of your goals and inspiration for these changes? Top three things we should check out?
@jbulava Do you guyz support Oauth2 yet ?
@ekambos @jbulava looks like still only OAuth 1.0A
@andreioprisan @jbulava So no reason for me to build anything on top of Twitter.
@jbulava not withstanding all of the developments and Twitter and vine today, why can you still not edit a tweet? I've been tweeting at Twitter for years about this. It's mind boggling that you cannot edit. A majority of dau is mobile. Mobile typing is prone to errors. What's the justification?
Would be nicer if they actually opened up all features like polls instead of hiding behind it being "beta".