The New New New TechCrunch

Announcing a new look for the site

Today, we’re launching new, new, new TechCrunch to about 10 percent of our readers. If you’re in that group, you’re going to see a very, very 1.0 version of our new site that we’re going to build on over the next few years to deliver what we hope is an experience that aligns perfectly with what we cover as well as how we cover it.

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I feel like a product that isn't available to everyone should definitely NOT be allowed to be featured on the Product Hunt homepage. Can a Product Hunt admin please comment?
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@parttimesnob Agreed, that's really frustrating.
Exciting 🚀
Congratulations, TechCrunch team! So proud that it's powered by VIP! 💖
@arunsathiya I think they were one of the first actually
@productpearson Yes, you're right!
@arunsathiya We <3 WP VIP!
Neat new version, gg @niclauren @romaindillet & TC team
What called for the redesign?
@prokotasic We'd outgrown the old site. It was 5 years old, and no longer worked for us in many ways. It was time to modernize, clean up years of clutter, and create a foundation on which we can innovate/experiment faster and better moving forward. I'll be writing about that in more detail when we do the full launch.
@niclauren congrats! I’m assuming you’ve built this version from scratch?
@prokotasic Brand new from the ground up!