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Yo, Hunters! It’s taken us a little longer than we would’ve liked but the new Minbox is finally here. It’s lean, mean, and clean… built to take the work out of work. You can now connect clouds (more coming soon), invite your team, and share files like never before. We’re excited to finally bring this to y'all and we're looking forward to your feedback. Hope you dig it! And stay tuned for some more announcements in the near future… ;) - Alexander and the Minbox team PS. To read more about our vision, check out the blog post here:
@amimran I had no idea what this was until I read the blog post, and now it makes sense. It's like Finder, for all the stuff you have in different cloud services (dropbox, asana etc..) Good job @amimran! Will try it out. Although I think your true calling is replacing Sandwich Video...
I'm struggling to work out what this is and how it can help me.
@drcongo How do you share files currently?
@amimran Dropbox, right click, share file. Or we're all in the same Dropbox folder.
@drcongo I'm with you. This looks like it may be more beneficial:
@drcongo Cool. So you don't use Google Docs then?
Cool! I was just looking for a new dropshare service to test out. What makes Minbox different from all the other ones (Jumpshare, CloudApp etc.) out there?
@juanbuis Hey Juan! Yes, great timing. Minbox has a Mac app (Yosemite only atm) that lets you upload files and grab a link, share screenshots, and more. It's free and fast! :)
Looks super clean. Keen to try this out, downloaded the Mac app, but it's stuck in loading with the black top bar occasionally flashing? @amimran any ideas how to fix? Edit: I'm in. Ok next :) Would love to upload my company logo - as suggested in the tutorial - but 'Upload Logo' button doesn't work?
@pieterpaul You on Yosemite? If so, just right-click to reload. If that doesn't fix it, email us!
@pieterpaul Ah - fix for that is coming. Just do that in Chrome for now. Drag and dropping files is how to get them into the Mac app...
@amimran this looks REALLY useful for us -- currently we're split across Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Basecamp, Trello and Hellosign, and having all of that in one place would be fantastic. Some questions: 1) What's your estimated timeline for getting Basecamp, Gmail, Evernote and Hellosign supported? 2) When you have Basecamp support, is the idea that I'll be able to create and manage Basecamp projects right inside Minbox? Thanks! Awesome product idea, hope you guys do fantastic :)
@andrewglynch Thanks Andrew! We'll be rolling out support in the coming weeks, would love to hear more about your workflows. Shall I DM you?