The New Glif

A tripod mount for smartphones, redesigned.

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Back in 2013, the launch of the first Glif was a watershed moment for Kickstarter. John Gruber linked to it and it ended up raising over $130,000. Since then, Dan and Tom were hailed as "The Kings of Kickstarter" by Wired magazine. Now they're back with an all new version of the Glif and it looks amazing.
Dan here from Studio Neat, happy to answer any questions you may have!
I have all three versions of the Glif so far, and will be getting this one too! The extensibility is really exciting. Looking forward to rigging up a great mobile setup.
I remember this bad boy. Glad to hear about this.
Backed just for the portrait mount alone! We'll all be mounting our TVs vertically once Glif makes portrait video a thing you do on purpose.