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The new Finimize iPhone app lets you learn finance kind of like learning a new language: you can learn about any financial topic by reading or listening to a Finimize Pack. Basically, you can picture the app being like a Headspace for finance.
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Hey there, amazing Product Hunt community 👋 These past couple of months we at Finimize have been working on a special project 🥳. Our daily newsletter helps you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of finance every day. But, it doesn’t help you evaluate which investment options are available to you in order to allow you to make more informed decisions with your money.   So we built an app (currently for iPhone – add yourself to the waitlist if you’re on Android:! We figured that finance is kind of like learning a new language or a skill – you want to gradually increase your know-how in a fun way. Our app does exactly this: you can learn about any financial topic (currently more than 50, to be exact – beginner and pro) by reading or listening to a Finimize Pack. A Finimize Pack is essentially a guide that you can consume on the go. Basically, you can picture our app being like a Headspace for finance.   I’d love for you to check out our app and let me know what you think. To do so, go to the Apple App Store and download the Finimize app now. I also have a special treat 🎉 for you if you hit me up on Twitter – my handle is: wholeearthweb.   Excited to hear your thoughts – we’re adding new content every day and are heavily investing into building an amazing audio experience for you! Really looking forward to your hearing your feedback on our product 🤓  Best, Max Founder of Finimize
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Have been a subscriber to the Finimize newsletter for a long long time – their content is so refreshingly clear and concise for someone who would not consider themselves an "expert" in the world of finance. This latest app update looks like it takes the ethos of Finimize to a whole new level. So excited to try it out!
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@jamesjgill Thank you James 🙏
All you need to know about finance in one place!
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This is an amazing product 👐🏻 Super happy to see you on Product Hunt
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@yana9001 Thank you Yana!
I have spent almost 25 years building financial services companies and have witnessed a massive lack of basic financial knowledge from not only clients, but professionals in the business. Many who use the jargon to obfuscate and confuse. I have subscribed to Finimize for years now and believe it to be the most accessible and relatable source of financial news and education out there. Get fundamentals through the app and then concise updates daily on the markets, economics, and companies. They make it easy to arm yourself at your own pace.
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@jamie_mci That's amazing to hear, given your background. You hit the nail on the head when you describe the problem and how we're hoping to help solve it. 🙌