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#2 Product of the DayJune 12, 2019
Bring together your files, your tools, and people, with an all-new Dropbox experience, including a new desktop app.
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were people really asking Dropbox to be their enterprise hub? i thought we all liked it because it was dead simple and near-100% reliable? i mean, i get what Dropbox is doing from an enterprise perspective, i guess, but my simple folder that used to sync everywhere now uses a gig of memory and costs 20% more...
@chrisdolle agreed Chris. Other softwares and brands are doing the same and its absolutely ridiculous. I use to love the adobe set of products now I need to install creative cloud to installed the different software and that alone adds like 1GB RAM usage making my computer slow down. Negative user experience and so many others talk about it and they don't seem to care.
Electron-App. No Paper integration. Missed opportunity.
Nice, been waiting for a Dropbox app. I love Dropbox and the UX/UI is killer across platforms. But, its still very expensive. This release reminds me a lot of Notion...
I actually love this as an upgrade to my Dropbox Paper workflow but ironically I don't think it works with Paper? It's actually even weirder than that because you CAN see Paper docs in Search and Notifications but not in the main view/Create menu. It doesn't make sense
@muninjlm I bet they are planning to add Paper features to the new Dropbox instead of integrating. At present I don't thinnk I can switch bc it lacks critical features, like 'Things to do' and commenting on the folder descriptions.
What a strange direction to try to pivot towards. I like Dropbox because it just works was* light and minimal on resources and priced right. I just don't see a place for their new collaboration piece since most teams already have a system in place for this that connects to Dropbox... But I am not their target audience for this so I could way off on how people will receive this and use it.