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One of my absolute favourite fantasy novels. A wonderfully enchanting story for those who love to let their imagination run wild. Warning...the third book is not yet finished and you will be left hankering after it! The good news though, it is meant to be released in 2016. 😃
@ems_hodge 100% agree. one of my fav books (to be fair i dont read a lot). It's amazing how he is able to describe music in text.
@andreasklinger @ems_hodge I know! You really feel like you can hear it through his words? I cannot wait for the 3rd book. I may need to book a day off to read it all at once 😜
@ems_hodge Great pick Emily!
So happy to see this on here. Wise Man's fear is equally incredible can't wait for book 3
@brettdem 100% agree! Both books equally as enthralling and really looking forward to the third.
Also think this series is pretty rad, though I feel like by Book 2 he isn't really moving towards a conclusion. There are still so many loose ends that need to be tied off. I feel like this may slip into at least a 4 book series Well, if we ignore the spin-off book (Slow Regard of Silent Things)
Definitely a Fantasy must-read! The hardest part is the wait for the next book which I think won't be the last one. It was my fantasy highlight for 2014 along with the Stormlight Archive books and the Warded man/Demon Cycle. >> Though, Patrick Rothfuss' books series might be the best of the 3!
Character, plot, and setting weaved beautifully like notes in a lute's melody.