The Money Club

A mobile peer to peer funding platform.

The age-old concept of chit fund is now democratised and on your phone within your trusted network of family and friends.

The Money Club android mobile app where trusted peers fund peers through this age-old financing mechanism. On this app, you can pool up money within your trusted circles and pick the pooled amount when you need it the most.

  • Vikrant Singh
    Vikrant Singhproduct evangelist, The Money Club

    I can easily get BULK money when i need it. I can pay in installments.


    It is a good app. But a good one has always a scope for being better. Specially in terms of the UI/UX.

    I created a Money Club on this app, with 3 of my childhood friends. Each one of us contributed Rs.500 per month and we pooled up Rs.2000 per month. I picked up this Rs.2000 in the second round (second month) to pay off my broadband bill.

    Now each one of us has decided to contribute Rs.2500/month, pooling up a total of Rs.10,000/month. Excited to pick this BULK MONEY!

  • MAnuraj Jain
    MAnuraj JainCEO, The Money Club

    Its make the chit fund process democratic, digital, cashless and convenient


    Money transfers are not on the app yet. It will be great if money trasnfers happen within the app itself

    Peer to peer chit fund is an innovative concept. It helps people get access to bulk amount of money when they really need it , at low interests and without any useless paperwork!

Hi all! The Money Club is an android mobile app which is based on peer to peer funding concept. Using this app, you can pool up money within your trusted circles (only the trusted people) like your close friends, office colleagues or relatives and pick the pooled amount when you need it the most. Most important thing to note is that, no money comes in The Money Club app ( Your money remains safe with you). The Money Club never touches user's money. Thanks!
@guus_hoeve that would at least partially explain what this is. The home page has typos galore
@kcucchia This is not at all a ponzi scheme. This is a peer to peer funding platform where you can pool up money with your trusted ones (only the trusted ones) like your friends, relatives or office colleagues and pick the funds when you need it the most. The most important thing to note is The Money Club does not touch user's money (No money comes on this mobile app, your money remains safe with you.) Thanks!
@guus_hoeve @kcucchia Can you specify where you see the typos Kenny?
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