The Marvel VR Headset

The Virtual Reality headset that can replace your laptop

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If I knew how to code I would totally code in virtual reality.
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Hmmm. Not sure on this one. Mainly because of the fact that it appears to be just an android app. So in theory you could simply purchase Samsung VR headset or a cheap one for your phone, install their companion app and then get the same experience. Am I right with this or am I missing something unique about the headset itself?
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@adammydesign We put extra accelerometers and gyroscopes to make the experience better in our headset. And we're making 2 announcements in the next week or two which shows more benefits of the hardware πŸ˜„ If you have any more questions let me know πŸ˜„
@erikfinman @adammydesign You should make those announcements, because right now I don't see anything justifying $100 besides the app itself. The hardware seems like a glorified Google Cardboard. And you mention additional accelerators and gyroscopes.. How do these cooperate with the phone?
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@erikfinman @adammydesign Agreed. I'm also looking forward to your announcements. I think you're definitely on to something--it's inevitable that VR / AR will be used in our work lives, and in other ways for productivity. I'd like to see where this project goes! As some have pointed out, it doesn't seem to "stand out" quite enough yet, but honestly, no other company is focused on productivity in VR specifically, and maybe if you keep that focus, you'll solve very different problems. Ping us here when you've made those announcements! :D
@jp_mcglone @adammydesign Thanks JP! I'm excited to announce them :)
Oh god. That product video was entirely broken. Awesome idea but wow, you should seriously fix that. Hire the guys that made the 1Password and Slack commercials. They know what's what.
@mblode I love the video on Rex haha from @lonelysandwich I cringe thinking about people wearing VR headsets in public places (like a coffee shop) - but I know its inevitable ha! Instead of having the 'tabs', would be awesome to have one screen - minority report style - with floating browsing windows (like Helium so you can actually do work while watching a movie, while 'on the beach' :)
@mblode Sandwich video is extremely expensive. Not only are they exclusive, they don't even accept every client.
@rustinrassoli @mblode Yeah we're aware and it's a worth try :)
@mblode lol, why would they spend $20k+ on an Indiegogo video? I think it worked just fine.
Hello everyone! We're excited to show everyone on Product Hunt this VR headset. It allows you to run our software on your phone and put it into our VR headset which has sensors to help track head position. This costs just $95 ONLY for Product Hunt backers. And we've got a new announcement for the IndieGoGo once a week for each week of the IndieGoGo so stay tuned. I've been working on this for about a year. I'm hugely passionate about virtual reality, but right now it's not practical or accessible for the common person. I'm known for making a $100,000 on a Bitcoin investment I made at 15, and previously launching educational software called Botangle, which I'm an excited to announce an exciting conclusion for that business next week. :)