The Martian

An astronaut stranded on Mars fights to survive

BookGolden Kitty 2015
I've seen countless people recommend this book! including Ben Parr, recently. It also appeared in both the AirBnB's I stayed in on my recent trip to San Francisco haha. We were grateful to have Andy Weir's LIVE Chat hosted here on Product Hunt :)
@bentossell including who Andy's favorite celeb fan of the book is! Big thanks to Andy for joining us, a great book and a really fun LIVE💬
The Martian by Andy Weir is a thrilling survival story about a NASA astronaut stranded on Mars. This is firmly in the Gravity/Apollo 13 camp of astronaut disaster tales, not a space opera like Star Wars. It's striking how much of the protagonist's personality comes out through his voice and any entrepreneurs/leaders/humans out there would do well to learn from his resourcefulness.
@eliotpeper I absolutely LOVE this book. My wife just read it and felt the same way. And my co-worker finished it in a day because he couldn't put it down.
@jgrahamthomas @eliotpeper absolutely, it's an incredible story that I simply couldn't put down.
@jgrahamthomas @eliotpeper excited to crack it open. We have Weir coming for an AMA later next month!
@eriktorenberg @jgrahamthomas that AMA is guaranteed to be awesome. You should check out Andy's talk at Google, incredible stuff.
Andy Weir was on the TWIST podcast with Jason Calacanis. Great interview. Got me to buy the book, which is indeed tough to put down. :)
Just picked this up on Saturday....and finished it late Saturday night. Literally couldn't put it down. Like a modern/futuristic Robinson Crusoe, with fewer Pirates and more dust storms!
Fascinating book, writing is incredible and draws you into subjects like chemistry and physics, and is witty and funny. Probably the best book I've read this year.