Back in 2012, when the Maptia HQ was in the tiny Moroccan fishing village of Taghazout, our team wrote a travel manifesto, pledging to go out and explore the world. It begins "I ____ want to see the world" so you can sign your name and take a photo of your copy of the manifesto somewhere awesome. Precariously leaning out of the window of our HQ, looking out over the Atlantic ocean, we took a spontaneous photo of this manifesto and posted it on Facebook at which point the internet kind of took over. During the last couple of years hundreds of thousands of people have shared the image — we're on a mission to get the pledge signed and photographed in all 195 countries. We’re already on 55/195 countries and have had hundreds of epic submissions so far... from the equator in Kenya, to the ruins of Machu Picchu, it has been signed by folks from all walks of life — including the Buried Life boys and my personal favourite, an unborn baby. If you have any thoughts on the letterpress poster or questions for either myself or my co-founders @deanfischer_ & @doro1hy (who designed it) please ask away!
Kudos for the launch! Amazing to see the countries that you've ticked off, but also surprising to see the ones still waiting. Ireland for example! Must be some Irish PHs here. Also - you should totally partner with Level Frames to sell this framed!
@tomcritchlow thanks Tom! I agree it's odd having Kazakhstan but not Ireland. I'd love to see one from atop the cliffs of Moher... Level Frames look really beautiful, we'll definitely check them out, cheers for the tip!
Looks Great! Well done! The design is great and it really captures your mindset.
@mcbennett Thanks James!
love! Where do we get this?
@mazcohen thanks Maz! We're taking pre-orders during November and will begin shipping international orders on Nov 28th to deliver well in time for Christmas 🎅🎄