The Landing Page Cookbook

A guide for makers who want to create better landing pages.


The Landing Page Cookbook is a 252-page hands-on ebook that will get you from n00b to master when it comes to landing pages. By providing you with a simple step-by-step system that goes through each element of a good landing page and feeding you examples you can easily reuse, you will work faster and get much better results.

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All the pictures on your landing page that imply this is a printed book. It's not and that's not evident until you start the purchase process.

Given this is a product about landing pages, I can only assume that misleading landing pages is a best practice you cover in the book.


Looks like valuable content


Its not a printed book even though your landing page implies that

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I LOVE printed books and only wish I could have made it one, but it seems to me that lots and lots of ebooks use physical book mockups for marketing? Sorry you found that misleading.
@callmeed just found this (thanks to the awesome but no discount any longer? (invalid link)

The Landing Page Cookbook is a well executed bird's-eye view of all the elements you can use to craft good landing pages. You will find examples of most of the patterns currently in use all over the web. I've gobbled the book in the last couple of days and it has already proven itself as an idea generator and sort of a checklist for a couple of personal projects of mine.

I wholeheartedly recommend the book to anyone who's currently building (or looking to build) any landing page. Top notch work for real.


Easy to use, good categorization & well designed. The book flows easily.


Some design kinks (ePub version)

I thought I was getting a book, which looked like a great idea for a party however I only got a PDF Copy. Which is pretty disappointing. Yes, it was probably written there, somewhere in the text, but I was kind of in a hurry and thought this would be great present.


Looks like a lot of people like it.


It's not really a real book it's a PDF.