The Landing Page Cookbook is a 252-page hands-on ebook that will get you from n00b to master when it comes to landing pages. By providing you with a simple step-by-step system that goes through each element of a good landing page and feeding you examples you can easily reuse, you will work faster and get much better results.

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All the pictures on your landing page that imply this is a printed book. It's not and that's not evident until you start the purchase process.

Given this is a product about landing pages, I can only assume that misleading landing pages is a best practice you cover in the book.


Looks like valuable content


Its not a printed book even though your landing page implies that

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I LOVE printed books and only wish I could have made it one, but it seems to me that lots and lots of ebooks use physical book mockups for marketing? Sorry you found that misleading.
@callmeed just found this (thanks to the awesome but no discount any longer? (invalid link)
Ironically got a not secure error on your landing page.
Our office network also blocked it. So something on the site is causing an issue. No idea what, unfortunately.
@theashtube might be due to the domain name... some blockers have keywords blacklist
@asatwork Yeh it's a shame, I'll have to wait until I get home and then check it out :)
@theashtube Uh oh. Let me see if I can do something about that. In the meantime you can check the direct Gumroad link in my first comment above.
@theashtube I have the same issue See image above
Hey there hunters, here's the culmination of my work on landing pages. Let me know if you've got any questions, and if you're interested in the product don't miss the special discount by going through this link:
@davidoudiette Congrats on launching this. A great landing page for itself, btw :) [worked in convincing me]
@dotmanish Thanks a lot! I'm happy people are liking it. I'm sometimes too much of a perfectionist and take way too long to deliver products, so I hope people find it was worth the effort. :)
Is there a pdf-version available for purchase?
@juhslk Believe it or not, the product IS a PDF. :)
@juhslk @davidoudiette Is there a hardcopy available for purchase? :D
@juhslk @rossdcurrie That'll be for version 2 of the book. :)
@davidoudiette okay, well then the 50$ price gumroad was showing is a bit steep. Maybe this high pricing works to communicate high value potential, but personally would have started selling with 50$ normal price and 25$ for PH members for 3 days
@juhslk If you look at the link I posted above, you'll get a discount that'll bring the price down to $29.
Great reference book, congrats @davidoudiette! ;)