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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 01, 2016
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Kevin Rose
Kevin RoseMaker@kevinrose · Builder of internet things.
Hi all, thanks for checking out my revamped newsletter. I spend a lot of time vetting everything that goes into the newsletter. I publish only once a month. Please subscribe if you like this issue. Thanks!
Benjamin Mock
Benjamin Mock@benjaminmock
@kevinrose I really like your way of approaching these things. Well written! I'm looking forward for the next issue.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
@kevinrose Just got the first issue ten mins ago :) Will be checking it out this evening!
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell@ryangcamp · BI @ Pala, Side Project @BaseballForest
@kevinrose This is great. Monthly is the perfect frequency in todays nonstop email newsletter publishing world
Michael Sitver
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
@kevinrose Congrats on the revamp. Is Foundation dead? I loved your interviews so much.
Troy Ruediger
Troy Ruediger@troy_ruediger · Helping shape the future of sports!
@kevinrose I recently started my revue as well. I love it so far, what do you think of the service?
Rui Delgado
Rui Delgado@rui · Tech Entrepreneur • Consultant • TV Nerd
This is great. I really miss "Foundation". I used to watch every single interview religiously.
Liam B
Liam B@liambws ·
@rui He should definitely revamp that. Such a good series!
Alin - Catalin
Alin - Catalin@alincatalin · Making things. 🔥 & 🍩donut
Discovered some awesome geeky stuff following @kevinrose - and I really hope he'll stick with this newsletter. Wish he'll return to the roots somehow - if that makes sense - and start again podcasting & building stuff - he's such a huge inspiration.
Dan Flanegan
Dan Flanegan@dflanegan · Co-Founder, Butter
Love the idea of monthly newsletters where you can take away what's relevant to you. More of us should publish this way, sharing our finds, achievements, challenges etc. Also a great way to look back on the year when all is said and done. Good stuff @kevinrose
Andy McIlwain
Andy McIlwain@andymci · Content & Community @ GoDaddy
@dflanegan @kevinrose It's like a throwback to personal blogging before the term/medium become a marketing tactic.
Jeff Needles
Jeff NeedlesHiring@jsneedles · Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
❤️ This! I got the "long time no chat" email a couple weeks back, and was so happy I paid for Foundation all those years ago!